You will also be very close to the Mercantour National Park and its enchanting mountains, as illustrated by the superb glacial cirque surrounding the Allos Lake. Finally, Saint-André-les-Alpes lies on the railway line of the 'pine-seed' train which links Nice to Digne, and which offers one of the most picturesque means of reaching our hotel (the Clair Logis is just 300 metres from the railway station).
Saint-André- les-Alpes
At an altitude of 900 metres, the village of Saint-André-les-Alpes invites you to enjoy its privileged location on the shores of Lake Castillon, surrounded by mountains and ridges, it is the gateway to the wild and twisting upper valley of the Verdon towards the North, and provides easy access to the beauty of the Verdon Canyon to the south.
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Le Clair Logis - route de Digne - 04 170 Saint André les Alpes